Brain cell poop…

Well, I’ve been busy with different things, including piles of laundry, since I got back from the States, and just haven’t had time to read a study that I’ve been dying to read…oh well. Next week! (Although I begin working again next week…hmmm…well, we’ll see…)

Another silly sign that I liked (2012 trip to the U.S.)

And then there’s this. A month or so ago we were invited by a British blog reader (=now close friend) to go see one of the Trooping the Colour parades. He bought tickets to the Colonel’s Review of Trooping the Colour on Horse Guards Parade, which is the second rehearsal of the parade that is going to take place on the Queen’s birthday (June 16). At first, Stefano and I weren’t sure we could go, but, after all, 1. we didn’t celebrate our recent wedding anniversary, 2. today is Stefano’s birthday (auguriiiiii, bacibaci 🙂 ), 3. we may not be going on holiday this summer, and 4. our fabulous cat and house sitter is practically kicking us out of the house…so in the end we said, “oh heck, let’s just go.” We’re leaving tomorrow and will be back in Florence on Monday.

London, one of my favorite cities in the world! Yaaaay! 

But what does any of this have to do with, er, brain cell poop? 😉 Well, absolutely nothing…but this morning I received a Google Alert that led me to a Dr. Oz article…(by the way, have you ever watched the Dr. Oz show? I watched it whenever I could while I was visiting my parents. I could easily get hooked on the show, though I could do without the seemingly fake enthusiasm shown by the audience here and there…Still, Dr. Oz is very personable, and the information he provided, at least in the few shows I watched, seemed to stem from common sense backed by a bit of science…)

Anyway, I just loved the Oz article’s reference to coffee, curcumin and, yes, brain cell poop: Check it out!

Okay, I have to go pack (now why did I bother unpacking in the first place…)…Have a grrrrrreat weekend, everyone, and take care. And don’t forget that belly laugh! 🙂

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