My Myeloma buddy, Honey, in front of Widener Library, Harvard Yard (May 2012)

Last night, when I asked Stefano how glad he was, on a scale from 1 to 10, to have me home, he gave me a much higher number than 10. 🙂

And the kitties? Stefano had warned me that they’d probably ignore me for the first few days. He told me not to be too upset about that, though, since they’d been behaving strangely in my absence.

Well, so much for IGNORING. Hah! They were all over me, the instant I set foot in the house.

My Piccolo immediately began rubbing against my legs, meowing to me about everything that had happened since I’d left. He had plenty to say, let me tell ya, including a few complaints (you can tell by the tone of the meow…). The five kitties then put on a chase-one-another-all-over-the-house show in my honor. So cute. Oh, and Piccolo brought me two of his balls during the night; the balls were on our bed this morning. Yes. It’s good to be home. And it’s good NOT to be ignored. 🙂 

The downside: I have about a million e-mails to read. Well, okay, perhaps not a million (!), but I still have about 1500 unread messages, even after I deleted a bunch of unread newsletters last night. No kidding. While visiting my parents in the States, I accessed only my work e-mail address (I have different addresses for the blog, family and friends, newsletters and so on…This system makes my life easier…except when I go away, of course!). Point is, if you don’t hear from me soon (or perhaps at all!), please don’t take it personally! Mamma mia. When will I ever find the time to open and read all these messages?

That’s about it for now. I need a few days to get over jet lag. My mind is a bit blurry at the moment (see photo no. 2 = a Cape Cod shop sign…hehe, loved it!)…I’m going to try to read and report on a new study tomorrow, though…

But for now…zzzzzz! 😉


  1. Welcome home! Hope you get some good rest, surrounded by those who missed you at home! Love the picture of Myeloma Buddy in front of the library…bet that will tickle Paula’s heartstrings! Great idea to bring him/her along on some of our sightseeing adventures and take pictures for Paula!

  2. Welcome back to Italy, Margaret, we missed you !
    some questions: anyone have any info on gingko biloba as a blood thinner? I know of nattokinase and garlic pills — and wonder about their use with MM people? Since blood viscosity is an issue with MM–could these be helpful?
    Also–natural interferon is found in Quercitin, Astralagus Chlorophyll (spirulina, chlorella), C0Q10,
    Echinecea, and Gingko too.
    Salicylates are also helpful for MM: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries to name a few.
    Any advice/comments? Thanks–yours in good health, Beth

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