Curcumin, bortezomib and multiple myeloma…

Another study, just published, confirms that curcumin increases the killing power of bortezomib (= Velcade; in the study, it’s called PS-341, its original code name) against multiple myeloma cells. More proof of the synergistic activity of curcumin plus bortezomib. No surprise, there. 

Here’s the link (from here, you can download and read the full study for free): 

A few personal notes: yesterday Stefano and I went to the Parco della Piana where we spotted and photographed a woodcock, a croccolone in Italian (photo on the left)…Let me tell ya, that was a verrrrrrry exciting moment!!! I mean, this bird is apparently not easy to find and photograph…

When we got home, I forwarded some of my photos to our photographer friend in the UK (met him via the blog, by the way). Since I was tired and not paying attention, I wrote that we’d seen a “woodCHUCK.” That is…er…a groundhog. Well hey, what’s so wrong with that? A woodchuck/groundhog with wings and feathers and a long pointy beak…Stranger things can happen, right? 😉

Early this morning I read my friend’s reply. He loved the photos but pointed out that I don’t know my “cocks” from my “chucks.” I almost fell off my chair laughing. So true! 😀

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here’s my woodCOCK (and yes, he was quite close to the hut)…And I’ve also added another favorite photo from yesterday’s bunch…a black-winged stilt checking out a turtle. “Whassat???!!!” the stilt seems to be thinking. Too cute! 


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