Curcumin holds promise as treatment for brain tumors…

Even though I’m so amazingly busy these days–a gazillion-billion things to do–I just had to stop for a few minutes in order to post the link to a new curcumin study. Here’s an easy-to-read summary By the way, this link may take you to a page requesting that you first become a member of Medscape. If, like me, you want to avoid receiving another newsletter blablabla, just go to Google/Goodsearch/whateversearchengine and do a search for Curcumin Holds Promise as Treatment for Brain Tumors.” At that point you can click on the Medscape link. 

In case you’re feeling a bit adventurous, here’s the link to the full study:

A personal note: Stefano and I are spending the long Easter weekend in an area of Tuscany, the Maremma, that neither of us knows very well. In addition to going to the beach, yay!, we’re going bird watching at the Laguna di Orbetello (=Orbetello lagoon) bird reserve…As you may have, er, noticed, birding is our idea of fun and relaxation… 😉 (In case you were wondering about our cats, a dear friend is moving into our house for the entire period, so they’re all set.)

In the meantime, I’m building a cat tree (279 centimeters/more than 9 feet high!). I’m going to let Stefano finish putting together the top part when he gets home from work later on, but the cats are already enjoying the part that I’ve built so far, as you can see from Pinga’s satisfied little face (yes, she’s licking her chops 🙂 ). An Easter prezzie for the kitties…

Well, I may be able to put up a quick post tomorrow, but just in case I get too busy packing and whatnot, I’d like to wish everyone a verrrrrry Happy Easter! 🙂


  1. It would be helpful if the dosage of curcumin and the form utilized in this and many other studies was made clear. Bioavailability comes into question.

  2. Saw myeloma specialist yesterday– he reports my #’s are stable– my 6th year of smoldering.
    Yet my free Lite Chains are off: they have been for about a year–yet no other progressions in #’s.
    I am IgG Lambda and my ratio is 4– I still do not completely understand FLC and he said that usually they indicate progression when #’s are “off” –but so far I show no other progression.
    I take 8,000 mg curcumin per day (Dr. said he did know about curcumin) and that it was “ok”!
    As for AHCC and Quercetin–no comment from Dr.
    Any suggestions for FLC studies, indications, etc. ??
    Thanks, Beth

  3. Hi Margaret, If possible, could you address the issue of Meriva curcumin which was invented by the Italian company Indena. Pub Med has a couple studies showing its bioavailability is far superior to other forms of curcumin. My family doctor actually told me about it and I have researched it via Pub Med and the general internet. I am pretty much sold. I am sure other readers are aware of it. What do you think? Thanks. Terry

  4. My mom has read that taking curcumin short after checmo (or during chemo) makes the chemo useless. Is that true? If not, what makes these articles appear?

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