Grandpa’s iPad, cat hair and some stunning news about popcorn…

I’m reading and reading…just not ready to post anything today. Not of a serious nature, anyway. 😉 

But I just got this from a friend (whom I met via the blog, incidentally…), and it made me laugh out loud, even though I don’t understand one word of German (= not necessary, as you will see…).

Enjoy! 😀

Oh, and here’s another funky thing I read earlier today. A “Science Daily” article on popcorn. I think you’ll be rather astounded…just as I was: 

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  1. I now have 2kg of unpopped popcorn kernels sitting on my kitchen worktop and you wouldn’t believe the trouble B had getting someone in the local Tesco to send him in the right direction – which funnily enough was where I’d told him to go in the first place, and he had but thought it was the wrong stuff! 😀

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