MGUS may increase risk of developing infections…

Today I’d like to post the link to a very interesting article published recently in the “Myeloma Beacon”:

Here’s my own experience, which I’ve written about on the blog: in 2005 (= the year of my SMM diagnosis; progression from MGUS, diagnosed in 1999) I had chronic, painful yeast infections. This infection business had actually begun a few years before, as I recall (without checking my medical history documents), but in 2005 it definitely got worse…Couldn’t get rid of the blasted things…Took truckloads of antibiotics in many shapes and forms and strengths, to no avail (except more misery). 

The infections disappeared not too long after I began taking curcumin (January of 2006), and they haven’t come back since. I must say, this was an unexpected and most welcome side effect of the wondrous yellow stuff…

Now, I recall reading somewhere that recurrent infections can be a symptom of progression…where was that? Ah yes, here it is. In the International Myeloma Working Group “Criteria” (2003): No, that’s not it. I read something more specific…somewhere else…but I don’t have the time to check it out right now.

Ah wait, here’s a possibly relevant study (“Blood,” 2008): Our observation of an association between MM/MGUS and specific prior bacterial or viral infections suggest that these infectious conditions may be a potential trigger for MM/MGUS development or a manifestation of underlying immune disturbances due to undetected MM or late-stage MGUS. Recurrent infections largely of bacterial origin (septicemia, meningitis, and pneumonia) are often part of the natural history of MM. (Full text: Ok, not yeast infections, which, however, definitely have a bacterial origin…

This 2008 study seems to counter what we just read in the Beacon article, doesn’t it? I mean, the former states that infections could be possible triggers both for MGUS and MM, the latter that infections did not increase an MGUS patient’s risk of progressing to multiple myeloma. Well, I suppose many things can change in 3-4 years…

So…which is it, eh? Food for thought…

By the way, many thanks to Dr. James R. Berenson for providing the link to the Beacon article (on Facebook)…


  1. In early 2009, I got shingles (herpes zoster). I was 46. The rash cleared up but I physically felt lousy for about six months. In August, 2011, I was dx. with myeloma (smoldering) after a series of abnormal blood CBC’s. I personally believe the bout with shingles triggered the onslaught of myeloma.

  2. Terry
    I had ‘something’ similiar…I have always worked iwth children so it was thought to be school sores.
    Went to GP who said it was adult acne. This went on the about 20 yrs. I have scars on my face and arms,
    dozens of them. I was never tested for anyting but my P now says…it was not adult acne.
    Sometimes I would have 4-6 sores on my face that would weep, and my arms wioud itch, and when under stress it would flare up.

  3. Adding to that.
    This became what I thought was cold sores, as beofre getting a cold, one would break out on the side of my nose..however, now I have not had this for about 5 yrs, but have been under no stress,and of course I follow the Linus Pauling method of avoidng ALL colds and flu by taking 4000mg of Vit C,the moment I could feel sniffles, then 3000mg the next day, 2000mg the 3rd day. and 1000mg the 4th day….this ALWAYS worked,
    however if a few days later I felt it trying to come back I would take anotehr 2000mg and 1000mg just to top if off.
    I have been doing this for 15 years…with 100% results.

  4. Very interesting. I’m NEVER sick (MGUS and osteoporosis aside). Just got back from GP–diagnosed with a very nasty lung infection, ten days on antibiotics and inhaler. I hope this is an isolated thing. Thanks to Margaret, I’ve just ordered some manuka honey.

  5. Tomorrow I go in for a blood draw @ the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance– then next Wednesday appt with my hematologist to review numbers.
    I saw my primary care physician in Oct. 2011 and now see my specialist April 2012.
    This is my 6th year of smoldering.
    I am IgG Lambda. My monoclonal protein is 10.7% and 0.8G/dl. My Kappa & Lambda Light chains are low.
    Immunoglobulin G, IGG 1080. C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Beta2 Microglobulin all normal, mid-range. Cholesterol is high –but HDL high as well that offers some protection. I am neutropenic-1.0 abs. neutrophils. I have few infections, little bone pain. Taking 8,000mg Curcumin w/bioperine, 1,000mg AHCC and 1,000mg Quercetin daily and lots of MSM —
    Wish me LUCK– I am avoiding treatment (Zometa, prednisone for starters!) and would like to try Cesium Chloride or Sodium Chlorite to avoid chemo/drugs– I also take Vitamin D3– Let me know if anyone has tried Cesium or Sodium Chlorite. Thanks!!

  6. Hello Everyone,
    I was diagnosed with MGUS a few months ago (low risk) no biopsy necessary at this time. It was discovered when I saw my DR about a bruise on my leg that hadn’t healed for months.
    I still have the bruise and no explanation for it, I also went to the dentist for removal of a bridge and my gums were very irritated and it took a few months before it healed.
    Anyone experience anything like this? I’m thinking of getting a second opinion because I’ve been feeling tired lately and short of breath at night too. Am I paranoid?

  7. This is an interesting concept, the chicken or the egg. I have been sick all my life, as a child my reactions were stronger. As an adult chronic episodes of sinusitis, brochitis and pneumonia, shingles etc. I am IgG Kappa Mgus for 14 years. Recently I have been referred to an Immunologist and found to have CVID which explains a lot. I feel hopeful that I will get some help boosting my immune system to feel better and not get sick so often. Most of the people in my Mgus support group also have problems with their immune functions. Worth getting it checked out if you have Mgus and are sick frequently.

  8. María, do check out the possibility of a vitamin deficiency that may be causing the gum problems.
    Also, see a dermatologist with blood disease expertise to see if your leg bruise is caused by a bacterial blood infection.

  9. I have just been diagnosed with mgus,my daughter has got shingles.Can I have the shingles injection or would it be dangerous.

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