An unexpected delivery…

Yesterday I received a big, soft package from a friend in the UK. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it: she’d knitted me an entire blanket! I was and am soooooo overwhelmed (thank you thank you thank you!). 

It’s so beautiful that I really think I should put it behind glass and hang it on a wall. Well, I do have another reason for saying that: you see, I immediately laid it out on the bed to admire it, but within a minute or so my cats decided it was the best thing since canned tuna. So for now I’ve put it safely away…but only for now. I’ll figure out something…

I did let the kitties have the plastic bag in which it came. That was a huge success, too. Pinga was the first to make her way inside it…and from her safe plastic fort she happily launched many surprise attacks on the other cats passing by. In this photo, she and Peekaboo are resting from a prolonged, back and forth, noisy batbatwhackwhackslamwhackslambatsmack!!! session (incidentally, that fluorescent green thingy is a cat toy).

At one point my totally unaware male cat walked into the room and ambled over to check out and sniff the bulky bag. And boyohboy did he get the surprise of his life, when Pinga lunged at him from her hiding place, smacking him right in the face then darting back inside the bag! He must have jumped three feet in the air…BACKWARD, too! 

I just had to laugh. That Pinga cat…


  1. I know who that friend in the UK is and that means your blanket is AMAZING! You will have to post a picture. Loved reading about your cats and their antics with the packaging…such fun!

  2. I love watching my two cats play ‘war games’ and they usually have me laughing as they plot their surprise attacks as well. I know the blanket you received must be glorious as the provider has shown some of her work – and won awards, too – so you are one lucky ducky!

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