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Update on Lucy, the Canada goose: she’s going home where she belongs! Yaaaaay! Not sure exactly when that’s going to happen, but the important thing is that it’s going to happen!!!  So happy about that! This bit of good news put a smile on my face first thing this morning…

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, by the way! Without you, this result would not have been possible! 🙂

Let’s see. It was a lovely sunny day here in Florence. So Stefano and I went for a nice stroll in the center of Florence. These are some of the photos I took…

We spotted a coot swimming on the river Arno (can you believe that?) as well as several egrets, but the best part of our time in town was visiting the church of Santa Maria Novella (first photo). 

It’s hard to miss…I mean, you can see it from Florence’s main train station, which in fact is called “Stazione di Santa Maria Novella.” 

I hadn’t visited Santa Maria Novella in ages, mainly because in recent years Florence residents had to pay to visit it, and I thought that wasn’t fair. But last week a friend told me that it’s free now…for us (not for tourists). So today, since we were nearby, we went inside, and wow, it’s such a pretty church…I’d forgotten! Lots of important artwork, too (check  http://goo.gl/AZBYt).

Lovely day…really enjoyed it…and our quick and cheap lunch (falafel and hummus and yummy sauces) in our favorite kebab place just put the cherry on the cake. 🙂 

Okay. Just for laughs, now. Cat people out there, have you ever been stared down (for no apparent reason) by your cat/cats? Well, then check out this cat, hehe: http://goo.gl/92qqV

And many thanks to Lori for posting this on Facebook. Very funny. It’s a Super Bowl commercial (I’ve never watched a football game in my life, but I find the Super Bowl commercials very funny): http://goo.gl/BQryi

Tomorrow we’re visiting friends in the city of Arezzo. They are preparing and hosting a REAL British afternoon tea…yummy, can’t wait! We’re leaving early, so that we will have enough time to walk around Arezzo, another lovely Tuscan city… 🙂

So I should have more photos on Monday. Unless I decide to do a serious post, of course! 😉

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  1. Margaret: Loved this post! You brought back so many wonderful memories of this lovely city b/c (before cancer) came into our lives. There is nothing more beautiful than the Arno River, at sunset.

    So happy you had a good day….and good weather.

    Blessings from afar…..

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