Save Lucy!

This morning on Facebook I read a sad goose story. An outrageous story that I hope will have a happy ending. But in order for that to happen, Lucy, the Canada goose, needs your help. First, here’s the link to the newspaper article:

There is no reason for Lucy to be killed. No reason at all. It makes no sense.

She should instead be returned to the Vander Wiel family in Fort St. James. Immediately. If, after reading the article, you agree with me, then why don’t we get a “Save Lucy!” campaign going? You can do what I did, that is, write to the Minister of the Environment, the Hon. Peter Kent, and ask him to intervene in this case. His contact information is:

Tel.: 819-997-1441

Fax: 819-953-0279


I also cc’d the generic Environment Canada address: And I cc’d the Vancouver Sun reporter, Kelly Sinoski: Same e-mail message. Easy peasy. 

When I belonged to Amnesty International, I learned to keep letters short and simple. So this is what I wrote (you can edit it, make it better and/or use it as you wish…hmmm, now that I have reread my message, I realize I could have done better…oh well, too late…but you can do better, of course!): 

Dear Minister Kent,

I just read the story of Lucy, the Canada goose that was saved from certain death by Diane Vander Wiel a few years ago, when it was a mere chick. Well, last week federal wildlife officials took Lucy from the only home she has ever known, in Fort St. James. The reason I am writing to you is that there is a risk now that she will be killed.

That’s outrageous. Simply outrageous. There is no reason for that.

I would like to join the thousands of people who believe that Lucy should be given back to the Vander Wiel family.

I hope you will intervene as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

Yours faithfully,


Link to Lucy’s story: INSERT LINK

With all the horrible things that happen every day, I know it may seem silly to get all upset over a goose, but this story struck a chord with me. I put myself in Diane’s shoes: if federal authorities decided to take one of my cats away from me for no good reason at all (as in this Canadian case), well, I’d like someone to stick up for me. So that’s what I’m doing today.

I’m sticking up for what is right, which is: give Lucy back to her family! Go after poachers, not well-meaning individuals…

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