My Puzzola (and blood tests)…

My Puzzola, = 11 years old, patiently waiting, with folded paws, for my blood test results… 🙂

Yes, I had blood tests done this morning…The nurse had a hard time poking the needle into my vein and ended up stabbing me a bit…ugh, I hate it when that happens…

Anyway, I’ll have my results at some point next month (the vitamin D test takes forever).

Oh, here’s something that intrigued me: my blood seemed redder and not as dark compared to previous tests. It also seemed more fluid. Is that good or bad or does it mean nothing? No idea. Whatever. 

We’ll find out in February…In the meantime, I’ll be outside, planting bulbs in our back yard.   😉  


  1. Hi Margaret, don’t freak out about the blood (shade of red, etc. ). I do the same thing—it’s classic limbo or purgatory…not a happy place to be. For me, as a lawyer, it’s like waiting for a jury verdict in a hard-fought trial. By the way, I can’t believe you have to wait till February for the results–that’s a long time to stew. At the NIH, the results are back in hours for all tests except the FLC assay and 24 hour urine. At UPenn, the same. Why does it take so darn long there? Big hug. Terry from Haddonfield, NJ

  2. Hey Terry, it takes a lot (A LOT) more than a shade to freak me out. 🙂 I was just wondering, that’s all. As for the month (plus) wait, I don’t mind at all, though I do agree that it seems like a long time. But I am not an impatient person…quite the opposite, in fact. My results are mailed to me at home, so I can just sit back and forget about them now (and that is what I have been doing). Besides, I presume that if there is anything really wrong, the lab docs would notify me or my family doctor. So, no worries.
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