Chronic pain, cats ‘n sweets and a promising European myeloma cooperation project…

An important article in the January 2012 issue of “The Scientist” magazine discusses possible treatment solutions for chronic pain: 

Mystery solved: why cats don’t crave sweets but do love mushrooms: No, nothing to do with myeloma…but I do read other stuff, too. 😉 For example, this fun thing on English pronunciation:

Last but not least, a blog reader (thanks!) brought this bit of promising news to my attention: In a nutshell, 12 European research centers have decided to work together to find out the following: 1. why myeloma cells become resistant to treatments; 2. why 99% of the patients who bear a precursor of the myeloma cells, stay perfectly healthy while the unlucky 1% develop the disease which in most cases is still incurable, and 3. how myeloma cells interact with their environment. Click on the above link for more details. Very interesting…And doesn’t this project sound a lot like Open Access? (Remember my October-November posts on JQ1?) It does to me…

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that something wonderful (and super useful!) will result from this cooperation…


  1. Wow… very exciting news about the european co-operative venture. And they are asking the right quesions, too. I tell ya, we’re gonna get a handle on this disease before it gets me 😉

  2. My husband has been treated with Velcade since last month (Dec 20, 2011). I bought some Curruim tablest for him. But our doctor (we live in San Francisco) does not suggest us to take it now. Any advise?

  3. G’day Margaret

    From the land downunder (Australia)I thank you for your amazing contribution to the world of myeloma sufferers.

    I was diagnosed 2005 with MGUS, was advised “nothing could be done its a watchfull waiting process”.Blood marker now 27.7 so an updated bone marrow sample taken showed a huge increase in bone marrow marker, shocked us all. Now been rerated to smoldering myeloma & not MM due to lack of evidence of any end organ damage(phew !!).Again advised more watchfull waiting !!

    Shocked into action I searched the net for answers & thank god I found your site have learned sooo much from you. I commenced taking 500mg caps curcumin 3wks ago(with Dr approval) now worked up to 8 grams a day. Your brand not sold in shops here so had to use local brands,one with bioP (5mg) have ordered your brand on the net. Have noted TAB’s story & his sups so added Resveratrol with grapeseed (100mg)& vitamin D3.

    Am desperate to try to make up lost time with curcumin as my next test will be at end of Feb. Currently I take 3gms first thing in the morning & last thing at night & 2gms after lunch,I dissolve 1X500mg cap in 5mils of omega3 fish oil twice a day (to try to improve bioavailability)& take this after the other caps morning & night.

    I have read your 2007 protocol which you seemed to modify over time. I would be very greatfull if you would provide an update on your current methods of preparing your curcumin with bioP powder or caps when do you take it & at what doseage. Any other important current tips on useing curcumin not already the blog would be gold to me in this far off land.

    Hope you can find time to respond & assist

  4. Hi Pete

    What state to you live in Oz, I am living in NSW and am also a Curcumin taker. I get mine from the USA the Dr Best C3 Complex brand. Have been on clinical trials in Sydney with Curcumin which has kept me stable. Good luck

  5. Libby my haematology department in Auckland had not even heard curcumin.
    Can you give me more detials of the trials in NSW.
    Also I took curcumin for one month, lGg count went from 29.3 to 26.2..I stopped for two months and it crept up to 28.2 and 28.3, foir the following two months, so the next month I took 4g daily for the month and my count went from 28.3 to 25.9.

  6. Hi Libby

    Thank’s for your responce.I assume the clinical trial you were part of was St George Hospital 2009. I understand they have now completed a phase 2 trial as well, as yet unpublished.

    I live at Peats Ridge NSW Central Coast. Would love to catch up with you. My contacts mob 0414630837 e Good health.

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