Smoldering now for 13 years…

Today’s post provides an update to TAB’s 2009 report entitled “Smoldering Myeloma – 11 Year Case Study Using Supplements.” If you don’t remember this remarkable case, scroll down my Pages on the right where you will find my original post on TAB or just click on this link:

After Julie’s and Darlene’s recent comments, I contacted TAB to see how he was doing. As you will soon read, he’s doing much more than fine….he’s doing super-duper-hunky-dory fine! 🙂 Quick reminder: TAB is now 70 years old and has IgA lambda smoldering myeloma. In his message, he told me that he likes to keep busy, so he plays golf during the summer and restores pianos during the winter. How about that!!! What a guy…what a guy… 🙂 

Anyway, he sent me a fabulous update, which included a series of gorgeous graphs (I wish I were that talented!!!) showing that his IgA is on a downward trend (good!), whereas his other Igs are on an upward one (also good!). 

Here are TAB’s November 27 2011 comments:

  • I have been smoldering for 13 years.
  • I remain asymptomatic with no C. R. A. B. symptoms. That is: No elevated Calcium, No Renal failure, No Anemia and No Bone Lesions.
  • The latest IgA value of 3178 mg/dl is the lowest it has ever been since diagnosis.
  • I remain on my daily supplements of Inositol, IP6, Selenium, Vitamin C and D, Trans Resveratrol, Curcumin plus a multivitamin.
  • I take one half of the IP6 /Inositol first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and the remaining half before bed.
  • I take the curcumin all at once, usually with a meal that contains some fat or oil.
  • The other supplements I spread out over the day. Supplement cost is $1.44 per day.
  • The MM has by no means been eradicated, but I have enjoyed a very homeostatic control of the markers with no symptoms thus far.
  • These supplements may or may not work for others as they apparently do for me. I have been lucky to have had the time to see results which in some cases took years to manifest.
  • I eat a typical American, somewhat well balanced diet, but nothing special. I enjoy golfing in the summer and have a BMI at the upper end of normal.
  • No problems to report.
He takes the following supplements:
-Vitamin C (Active C 500 Plus): 500 mg, 1 cap/day. Source: Vitamin Shoppe.
-Selenium: 200 mcg, 1 cap/day. Source: Vitamin Shoppe. 
-Inositol: 650 mg, 2 caps/day. Source: Swanson Vitamins
-IP6: 500 mg, 6 caps/day. Swanson Vitamins
-Vitamin D: 1000 IU, 1 cap/day. Vitamin Shoppe
-Resveratrol Synergistic Formula: 37.5 mg (trans res), 1 cap/day. Source: Vitamin Shoppe
-Trans Resveratrol Powder (98% trans-res), 100 mg, 1 cap/day. Source: Kingherbs
-Doctor’s Best Curcumin C3 Complex, 500 mg caps, 3 caps/day. Source: Swanson Vitamins

I thought it would be helpful for me to include the “source” information, since so many of you ask me where I get my supplements. I have never used the Vitamin Shoppe or Swanson but will check them both out at some point. For now, I don’t need any more supplements.

Quick note: while I was in the States in September, I remember receiving at least two requests for TAB’s 2009 report. At the time, however, I did not have access to my files. And, unfortunately!, I didn’t make a note of these requests, so I don’t remember WHO asked me for a copy of the report. If you are reading this update, please get in touch with me again. I will forward it to you. With apologies!


  1. Thank you so much Margaret for doing this! And congratulations Tab on such incredible success! Who woulda thunk that MM could make a person a role model? I’d love to see the graphs. I am also smoldering IgA Lambda, and am following pretty much the same regimen with the addition of strong eye vitamins because of very early macular degeneration–& that too seems to be doing very well as a result of the supplements. I love to picture you golfing and working with pianos. I still have my day job as a recruiter, my heart job as an artist, and unfortunately a lot of family stress right now as my daughter’s husband left her with 7 children! So I’m doing everything I can to alleviate the stress, including mindfulness meditation. I’ll be adding mental pictures of you golfing after 13 years to my quiet moments. I hope it continues forever.

  2. Margaret,
    Thanks for presenting my update. If anyone wants a copy of the update and the graphs please feel free to forward them a copy if you don’t mind.

  3. TAB you and your case are amazing. Thank heavens you didn;t let yourself be pushed into unnecessary treatment when you were first diagnosed. Margaret, since it is ok with TAB, can you forward me his update/graphs, if possible. Thanks. Terry

  4. Can’t for the life of me figure out how he takes all those supplements for under $2/day.
    The curcumin from Swansons alone would cost that much if you go by their listed prices.

  5. Julie,
    I take three 500 mg capsules of curcumin per day. $24.87/120 capsules = 21 cents per capsule. 3 times 21 equals 63 cents per day. Check the math. Get a copy of my update from Margaret, it has a spreadsheet with all the prices calculated.

  6. How much of the supplements do you take daily for the cachexia? I have it with a bloated stomach which makes eating very difficult.


  7. Ah, I get it. I was thinking of the 8 grams (16 if 500mg) many take – Aggarwal recommends – at 3x 500 it would not be so expensive.

  8. Thank you for sharing this information. I take every day one capsule inositol and one capsule IP6 (and in the evening six curcumma, D3 with visoil or sesamin.
    What I find interesting is the ratio of six capsules IP6 and one capsule inosotol. Can you please tell me why this ratio? I’m thinking now to take a litle bit more IP6.

  9. Hans,
    The ratio of 6 capsules of IP6 to 2 capsules of Inositol is close to the recommended ratio recommended by Dr. Shamsuddin. He is the expert on IP6 and Inositol. You may be interested in reading his book entitled “IP6 Nature’s Revolutionary Cancer-Fighter”.

  10. If it not to much of a bother would I be able to have a copy of his report it looks like great reading. I my have been one that was lost during your US trip, I had asked for his 2009 report.
    Thank You

  11. I have recently been diagnosed with SMM. I want to do all I can to keep it smouldering. Has anyone else here used Tab’s formula of supplements? Please leave your comments if you have. I am already taking 4 grams of Dr Best curcumin. I am contemplating starting on Tab’s formula immediately (after I get the supplements, that is). I would really like to hear from others.

  12. Hi TAB, I was diaognosed with SM last week. I deplore the idea of waiting for the inevitable to come if I let this disease progress. I want to treat this noninvasively and I like what you have done to keep your condition under control. Can you please forward a copy of your case study to me. I want to start doing what you have done ASAP.

  13. Glenn,
    Margaret will send you a copy of the report if she hasn’t already. Best of luck with smoldering. As you can see from my report, I have evidence that things started getting better after starting the supplements. I don’t think this would have happened if I had done nothing but watch and wait.

  14. I am not sure I am reading the posts correctly but there is a difference in the amount of IP6 and Inositol to take that is specified in two different posts. Here are the posts…which is correct?

    · IP6 Inositol 1.5 g/day
    · Inositol 2 g/day
    · Selenium 200 mcg/day
    · Vitamin C 500 mg/day
    · Vitamin D 1000 iu/day
    · A Multivitamin/Multimineral per day
    -Vitamin C (Active C 500 Plus): 500 mg, 1 cap/day. Source: Vitamin Shoppe.
    -Selenium: 200 mcg, 1 cap/day. Source: Vitamin Shoppe.
    -Inositol: 650 mg, 2 caps/day. Source: Swanson Vitamins
    -IP6: 500 mg, 6 caps/day. Swanson Vitamins
    -Vitamin D: 1000 IU, 1 cap/day. Vitamin Shoppe
    -Resveratrol Synergistic Formula: 37.5 mg (trans res), 1 cap/day. Source: Vitamin Shoppe
    -Trans Resveratrol Powder (98% trans-res), 100 mg, 1 cap/day. Source: Kingherbs
    -Doctor’s Best Curcumin C3 Complex, 500 mg caps, 3 caps/day. Source: Swanson Vitamins

  15. Hi Margaret,
    My name is Adele. I am Australian, and live in the Gold Coast Hinterland in QLD. I have been reading your site for over 12 months. After a bone marrow test in January 2011, and another one in June, I was diagnosed with Smouldering Multiple Myeloma. I made up my mind then that I was not going down that path of Chemo etc. if it got worse. I had already had all the scans and x-rays and showed no sign of bone problems. My haemoglobin has been low for a very long time, and did get worse, as did the Free Light chains, and a few other high readings. I am doing TAB’s protocol, as well as several other supplements. My last tests were promising, and I feel ALIVE again. I would really appreciate a copy of TAB’s report. I get some supplements sent from the USA, and the rest from here. I will let you and TAB know then, what else I am taking. I need your help.

  16. Jerry,
    Sorry for the confusion. The first post is what I started with 13 years ago. The second post is what I am currently taking. The Inositol and IP6 on the second post are more in keeping with the recommendations of Dr. Shamsuddin who is the expert on Inositol and IP6. He wrote a book titled “IP6 Natures Revolutionary Cancer-Fighter”. Dr Oz also recently recommended IP6 on his television show just the other day. Good luck. By the way I am still doing OK going on 14 years of smoldering. Also, according to the charts, after smoldering for 14 years, the chances of progressing to overt myeloma is the same as it is for MGUS which is 1% per year.

  17. This is a “for what it is worth” post, but thought I’d share. The Complementary Medicine Dr. at the university hospital (a sinlge person, she is the whole Comp. dept!) suggested taking a multivitamin every other day instead of every day. She had studies suggesting cancer patients actually did better with less. I did not save the studies and we don’t always follow her advice, but it was interesting.

  18. Tad, thank you for the information. I did a search on IP6 and Dr Oz and found some of what he said about IP6. I started taking it about 2 weeks ago along with the 8 gr curcumin I was already taking. Based on the success others have had with the curcumin, I didn’t want to change taking that. Any possibility of too much of a good thing? I am new at this. I was diagnosed with SMM back in March but my blood test numbers are not as good as most have posted here on the blog.

  19. Jerry,
    I think you are on the right track with the curcumin and IP6. In my case it took some time to see positive results. You must be patient and believe in what you are doing. Be sure to plot your results (I use EXCEL). This allows you to track your progress using the power of the computer to smooth out normal test to test variations which can be misleading. Look for long term trends in your data (trendlines). This will help you in making decisions whether to continue or move onto something else.

  20. TAB…thanks very much for the advice. I got discouraged today when I got the final part of my lab tests. My M spike went up from 3.79 to 4.12. I will continue with my regime and hope it goes down eventually. Thank you so much for your help.

  21. Question to TAB and Margaret or any others that have had success keeping their SMM stable: I am taking 8 gr of curcumin and 6-510 gms of IP6 Inositol and 2-500 gms of Inositol per day. Based on what you have done, am I about right?

  22. Hi Jerry, I haven’t yet tested TAB’s protocol, so I can’t be of any help there. I wonder if it might interfere with curcumin, though, since your m-spike went up…? It’s just a thought, of course, since I don’t have time right now to do any research…But it makes me wonder…

  23. Thanks Margaret, do you still take Ashwagandha and if so, how much to you take per day? I am really impressed with what I have read about it.

  24. Right now (now that I’m in the States) I’m mainly just taking curcumin. I decided to take a short vacation from supplements…except curcumin, of course!
    But yes, ashwagandha…I was and am impressed by it, too. I took the NSI (Vitacost) brand, the recommended daily amount.

  25. Hi Margaret, can you send TAB’s report. I am also IgA Lambda but not SMM..I am MM. Does IP-6 and inistol help with Multiple Myeloma also?

  26. Dab,
    If you want to learn more about IP6 and Inositol, get a copy of “IP6 Natures Revolutionary Cancer Fighter” by Dr. Shamsuddin.

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