The hidden beauty of pollination…

This morning my good friend PK sent me the loveliest video titled “The beauty of pollination.” It’s a TED Talk, not surprisingly (good stuff seems to come out of good places! 😉 ). Since today I’m too busy to do much here on the blog, I thought I’d post this link for you to enjoy, too. PK sent me a link only to the video (not the video AND the talk, that is), but I found the talk fascinating, too…So here is the whole shebang, which lasts only about 7 minutes and a half (but if you don’t have time and just want to watch the video, fast forward to minute 3:15 or so). Make sure it’s full screen…

When I first clicked on the link, Piccolo (my 8-year-old male cat) was so startled by all those huge insects that he moved hastily away from me and the computer. He made his way toward the edge of my desk, where he perched nervously, staring at the video from a safe distance, in spite of my reassuring coos that those insects weren’t out to “get” him. He finally shuffled closer to me…slowly.

Anyway, a stunning video…The music is lovely, too…And by the way, by the time we’d watched it three times, Piccolo had gotten used to the insects and was really (and fearlessly) interested in what they were doing, as you can see… 🙂

Here’s the link:

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