House rules…

I didn’t write these (I found them on the Crazy Cat Lady’s page on Facebook), but they could easily be our own “rules for the cat” or cats, rather! 🙂 I would like to insert this one, right after the kitchen counter rule:

OK, the cat can go on the kitchen counter while I am preparing food but is not allowed on the dining room table while we eat. Deal?

Well, we don’t actually let the cats on the kitchen counter while we prepare food (not hygienic, even though they are very clean indoor cats). I tell ya, that can be a real struggle…As cat people know, cats can be incredibly obstinate…but we always win in the end…sort of…

And, luckily for us, we have a large dining room table, so if one of the cats jumps onto the table while we’re eating, it’s usually not a huge problem (unless we have guests, of course)…For instance, if the “jumper” is our eldest, Puzzola, well, she simply wants to be petted and will spread herself out on a corner of the table and wait, very respectfully!, until we’ve finished eating. The one whose name spells trouble is Peekaboo who enjoys stealing food from our plates and playing with it, making a mess if we don’t stop her immediately…She also enjoys sticking her head into and drinking from my water glass. Gotta keep an eye on that one! 😉  

Ah yes, Stefano and I are most definitely ruled by our cats…and we love it, since our cats…rule!!! 🙂

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  1. Our cat “Miles” has Chronic Pancreatitis w/secondary Diabetes. Now here’s a laugh, we both started Tumeric w/curcumin at the same time (when I turned SMM). I read up on Vet sites and it’s 1/4 the dosage for Cats because of how fast they metabolize. So every night I syringe his (mixed w/water) and take mine mixed in a spoon. We are both on week 2. I’ll write on my site about whether it helps him (and myself). But it’s a funny sight when the Cat and I are taking the same stuff! 🙂

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