Smoldering myeloma poll…please go vote!

Hey, all you smoldering hot folks out there! Please go vote in the “Myeloma Beacon”‘s weekly poll! This poll is for those of us who are SMM…not for MGUS or MM folks (the MM poll was the first one…and its results are on the Beacon’s website, in case you’re interested). 

I don’t think it’s too late to cast your vote (I got distracted by the Steve Jobs stuff, see yesterday’s post, so I neglected to post this link sooner, sorry about that!), but please HURRY! Here’s the link: 

I’d like to see at least ONE person in the 15+ years “smoldering” category…I’m currently in the “less than 7 years” category, but my goal is to reach the 15+ one (and much much much higher!), of course! 😉 

Good comments, by the way, so have a look at those, too. 

Okay, don’t waste any more time…VOTE VOTE VOTE! 🙂

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  1. Hi Margaret, I voted already. I was dx. 8/11 with SMM. I have been following your protocol since the end of September with curcumin. Honestly, my immunoparesis seems to have gotten better in all three immunoglobulins–I have light chain myeloma which usually suppresses all three Ig’s. In addition to your protocol, I eat tons of naturally fermented kimchi (you can make it yourself), probiotic yogurt and I drink tons of real kefir made in Philadelphia by Russian immigrants. I believe these live foods help boost the immune system and they seem to be helping me. I also like being proactive. Thanks for your blog and your enthusiasm. I read it every day. Terry from NJ.

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