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Back in 2007, when I first began blogging, there weren’t any “alternative treatment” myeloma blogs out there. Indeed, unless I’m much mistaken, that is still the case…Anyway, I figured my blog would never become popular, it would be read only by a handful of people and I would receive mostly heaps of criticism…

The exact opposite has happened. Hundreds of people now read my blog every single day. Several hundreds, in fact. Amazing. And my experience with curcumin, my research, my silly stories and my at-times-rather-loopy experiments have been met only with interest, curiosity, enthusiasm and kindness…

Furthermore, some of my blog readers have become friends in real life…Sherlock, Paul, Diane and a few precious others…

But I’m not…indeed, I cannot be in touch with everyone who writes to me. That would be literally impossible, even if I did nothing else but compose e-replies all day long…which of course I cannot, because of my job and various other commitmentsblablabla…

Yet every so often a really lovely thing happens…for example, after not hearing from you (=generic “you,” I mean) for some time, even years, you send me a note, letting me know how you’re doing, how curcumin (or whatever) has worked for you, what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods and so on. Or you send me a sweet message, a joke, a link to a hilarious video or some funny cat-related thing… 🙂

Then sometimes, like today, I stop and begin wondering (=just like Pinga in this photo) how everyone out there is getting along. I haven’t heard from many folks in quite some time now…I wish I could write to everyone, but that, alas, would be literally impossible…

And so we get to my wish of the day:

Whenever/however/wherever, please write me a note, even a few words…just to let me know how things are going. If you don’t have my e-mail address anymore, please use the “Contact” form on the right-hand side of the blog. I would mainly like to hear from those of you who haven’t written to me in months or even years. I can’t promise I’ll write back…but I’ll try!!!

Of one thing you can be certain: your note will be read and much appreciated…

And thanks, thanks so much!, for all the support you’ve given to me throughout the years… 😀


  1. Hi Margaret, I’ve been trying to keep up with reading your blog but haven’t been writing. My wife Linda and I took our trailer from FL to MA and visited Dana Farber for a 2nd opinion. They classified me as MGUS, not SMM as was the diagnosis from Moffitt. We journeyed from there to Freedom, NH and on to Middlebury, VT, just in time for hurricane Irene. Survived that. Good thing we were planning then to tour the St Lawrence Seaway because the roads to our south were closed due to flooding/washouts. Spent a few days there and in the Finger Lakes (at the wineries), and headed to Hershey, PA where tropical storm Lee hit the hardest, flooded our campground and we lost our trailer. Our cat was rescued by boat but is traumatized and probably in need of a kitty shrink. In this ordeal, after concerns for the cat, my next thought was where was I going to find replacements for my C3 Curcumin. So I gotta admit I haven’t been thinking much about my MM. I lost all of my paperwork on MM though much of it is on my laptop which was saved by the men who rescued the cat. Eventually I’ll get back to paying attention to the world of MM.

  2. I just want to say THANK YOU for all the info, facts,new treatments, etc. I so look forward to reading your facts, ideas, etc. You are a gift to those of dealing with MM. Ginny V

  3. Hello Margaret,
    Your blog, facebook etc. and information about MM. have supported me to help my mom dealing with MM. for almost 6 years long. I am Thai, haven’t written to you. Thank you so much for all the information you have given.

  4. Margaret my friend,
    As always you keep us informed. I have been have been absent from the mm facebook site but get the emails. Hope your trip to England went well. You provide us with so much wonderful information.
    My computers played up, so I guess I should have been warned, that trouble was brewing. Up till now have avoided chemo, but might have to add a short regime. I have upped my curcummin and my polymva with good results. However my system seemed to just have a shutdown. my bones have begun to get holes etc so rods placed to stop breaks.
    Lots of liquid Ca+mg+ D and c. I am a non secretor so it is harder too Revlamid does well with my POLY supplment. May have to try my own suggestions.

    I have not given up on my natural healing stance but will write more on this aspect in my blog and website.
    Getting back on my feet, out of hospital soon and will have a new slant on how we can keep improving our way of life. Take care and hope the financial crisis in Italy is not hurting you too much:)

  5. Hey Margaret,
    I’m one of those blog lurkers who have been reading what you write on and off for years. I think I even wrote to you once. FYI I’m been running my own self-tests using curcumin in addition to my 5 mg of Revlimid maintenance (after tandem Stem Cell Transplants 20 months ago) and my M-spike tests have been coming back “not detectable” which I attribute to the combination working for me. Also, when a friend of mine was diagnosed a couple of years ago with smoldering MM, I told her that if I known what I know now when I was at her stage of MM (much of which I learned from reading your blog) I’d have started taking curcumin while I still had smoldering MM. She started the curcumin and is still just smoldering along. She’s probably lurking around your blog too, picking up more advice.
    Also, Thanks so much for your recommendation of Dr. Aggarwal’s book HEALING SPICES. What a fantastic book and great recipes!

  6. Hi Margaret,
    Just to let you know that I am still here in Paris, still teaching, still reading your blog and admiring your enthusiasm and curiosity.
    Take care,

  7. Hi Margaret: It’s Alex from New Zealand. I haven’t written for a long time but I still read your blog. My prostate cancer is still in remission (after 11 years!) which is an amazing result. I still take the supplements: the only new one is high-dose vitamin D3. Keep writing and showing pictures of those wonderful cats! Regards, Alex.

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