New Simon’s Cat video!!!

It’s called “Cat and Mouse,” and can be found here: I particularly enjoyed this new video, since similar things happen to me and Stefano all the time! 🙂 

When I’m at the computer, especially during the winter months, Pinga, Piccolo and sometimes Priscilla like to lie between me and the keyboard. That makes it difficult for me to do any work, especially when my boy Piccolo spreads his rather big self in front of me. Another cute thing they do, especially Pinga, is to type mysterious-looking e-mails… 🙂 Aaaah, cats! Wonderful creatures!

In this photo, taken in June, my baby (she just turned two years old) Pinga is, as you can tell!, lying across my Mom’s new Mac laptop, with her fuzzy little paw resting on the mouse, to boot! This cat loves technology! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video… 

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