Food wonders that may do wonders for us…

I spent two hours this morning waiting for our car insurance rep to show up at the body shop and check the damage my car sustained in last week’s accident (see my July 7th post).

TWO HOURS. I mean, two hours spent in this horrendous, emergency-level heat. Well, okay, so I was inside an air-conditioned office, and I had a book to read, but still…I really hate to have my time wasted. Oh, and when the guy finally arrived, he barely even looked at my car. He whipped out a teeny tiny camera, took six quick photos of my bumper and hatchback and said, “That’s it.” That’s IT? He vanished, or rather, he disapparated (HARRY POTTER…THE FINAL CHAPTER…CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT! 🙂 ) before I could say “but…” I mean, after making me wait so long, I felt that he could at least have poked around under the car hood or something… 🙂

The horrendous heat wave that is baking me (and most of Italy) like a pizza should be subsiding soon, so my temper should be improving. I’m usually such a positive happy gal, but I tell ya, this heat is aggravating and debilitating. Day after day…relentless…no respite…not even at night. Oh, and my poor cats…they look like limp little flowers…Oh and did I tell you that I waited TWO hours in the sun earlier today? 😉

(Okay get a grip, Margaret, stop being silly and get to the point!)…Speaking of the heat…a related topic is the sun, which we are getting full blast these days (…). If you would like to protect your skin from the potentially damaging sun rays, have a look at this article: Especially number EIGHT. I wasn’t expecting that one! 🙂

And here is another interesting article titled “The 7 food wonders of the ancient world.” Food WONDERS, huh? Can hardly go wrong, then: 😉  

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  1. I can confirm the sun protection property of curcumin. I have suffered for years from a very sun-sensitive bald head. Now that I am taking 11 grams of curcumin a day (which seems indeed to be keeping my myeloma smoldering) I can take any amount of sun with no ill effects. Magic!

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