My parents arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon, yaaaay!, bringing with them cute little kitty gifts, including some adorable catnip “pillows” that are made by a local artist on Cape Cod (MA).

These pillows are fabbbulous. Three of my cats went crazy over them, namely Puzzola, Priscilla and Peekaboo. They rolled all over the floor clutching them, or they tossed them up into the air, catching them in their paws as they came down…so much fun to watch…

Peekaboo in particular went completely bonkers…As you can see, she even tried a head stand on hers. Hehe.

Little Pinga and my boy Piccolo instead looked somewhat bored. They merely yawned and watched the others roll around and be silly from their safe perch on the dining room table (oh, not that we ever let our cats on the table, eh, mind you…hah, no, of course not, that never happens!!! Uhm, did that sound convincing enough?  😉 ).

Piccolo did clutch his pillow and sniff it, but he never let his fur down, so to speak… As for Pinga…well, she seemed completely unaffected. How odd is that! We do sometimes wonder if she REALLY is a cat…   😉

Anyway, all is well, more than well!, here in Florence…Mom and Dad are suffering from jet lag, but it’s sooo incredibly good to have them here!  🙂

First photo: Puzzola, 10 years old, rolling around like a kitten. Sorry, it’s out of focus, but I preferred this photo to other, more-in-focus ones. Great position…albeit a tad undignified for a lady of her standing…

Second photo: Priscilla, 6 years old. She rubbed all over her pillow, over and over again. Loved it.

Third photo: Peekaboo, 4 years old. The head stander. 🙂

Fourth photo: Piccolo, 8 years old. Bored and dignified.

Fifth photo: Pinga, almost 2 years old. She’s usually the nut-case in the family, always ready for some fun, and verrrry active, but catnip evidently doesn’t affect her in the least (I even put a pillow on her back to see if she’d react…). Hmmm, perhaps it’s just as well! 😉


  1. Love seeing your ‘family’ shots and maybe today, after a day of adjusting to all the newness of it, Pinga will decide it’s OK to play?

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