Curcumin in the news…

When I first began taking curcumin, more than five years ago–in January 2006, to be exact!–there was hardly any information to be had on the active ingredient of the Indian spice turmeric. About a year later, in March 2007, I began blogging about my very positive experience (in so many unexpected ways!) with curcumin…Again, I could not find much information on the marvelous spice extract…

But since then I have noticed a slow but steady increase in the publication of articles and studies on curcumin (oh, of course, I don’t mean to imply that my blog had anything to do with this increase…! 😉 )…

Especially in recent times…

I’m verrrrry pleased, of course. The more articles we have about curcumin (and other non-toxic extracts), the more the amazing healing properties of curcumin cannot be scoffed at and ignored. It’s about time…!

Here are just a few examples of the recent stuff I’ve read.

  1. A Medical News Today article reports on a new University of Michigan study on head and neck cancer and curcumin. In a nutshell, the researchers were able to cut the dose of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin by four by using a new curcumin compound, FLLL32, which also reduced chemoresistance: (Oh, there is a slight mistake in the article: the Indian spice is “turmeric,” not “curcumin.”) Amazing, eh?
  2. A Fox News article on natural and safe anti-inflammatory “medicines” mentions curcumin (see the “Hippocrates” paragraph):
  3. Curcumin keeps cancer cells at bay (Live in the Now):
  4. Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory (article written by Dr. Mercola published in Foodconsumer): Not so sure about that egg yolk concoction, though…or about the boiling bit. Hmmm…
  5. The New York Times tells us that worms live longer on curcumin:  🙂

And here is a recent Fox News (yeah, I know, I know…) video about curcumin:

I’ll stop here…So much to read, so little time!

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  1. I have directed a number of people to your blog to read about curcumin and I take some every day to keep the big C at bay… we have a family history of breast cancer. So far, so good.

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