Mind over…pain

I am proud to announce that an “old time” blog reader/Facebook friend of mine is one of the lead authors–a group of Harvard and MIT neuroscientists–on an incredibly fascinating, newly published study on how meditation can help relieve pain, especially the distress associated with chronic pain. This study proves that we can all benefit from meditation. Here is the link to a recent Fox25 (Boston) interview that can help us get started: http://goo.gl/KaqtL

And here’s the link to the study abstract: http://goo.gl/C6u4W. For an easier-to-read summary (Science Daily), click here: http://goo.gl/xDyak Good stuff!!!

Speaking of blog readers…this evening a close friend, whom I met a few years ago through my blog (fabulous!), is arriving from the UK with his wife and son. We first met them last summer, on our way to see the puffins on Skomer Island in Wales. They are absolutely lovely people…so Stefano and I are really looking forward to seeing them and are planning lots of fun things…trips around Florence and Tuscany…

They will be spending a week with us, so I expect I will be taking lots of photos. Be prepared! 😉


  1. Hi Margaret,

    I came across your blog recently and was awed with the extensive research and information material that you’ve referenced on curcumin and its benefits. And you’re a living example of its anti-cancer efficacy and inspiration to many of us. Thanks a zillion for this blog; it was a delight to read and now have made it my regular read 🙂

    I’m a fellow young cancer survivor; albeit with ovarian cancer and have recently started using curcumin. Incidentally; Sabinsa is a few miles away from where I live and unfortunately they do not retail out their curcumin products but directed me to AFI (America’s finest) if i wanted to procure curcumin capsultes/tablets.

    You’ve tried many brands/forms of curcumin and was wondering if you’ve used AFI’s capsules/tablets and whether it worked for you? Or would you recommend using doctor’s best? I’d grealy appreciate your guidance.

    Also, would you know of anyone who uses curcumin (possibly near the max dose of 6-10 gms) along with chemotherapy or targeted agents? I emailed Dr. Aggarwal and he mentioned it was okay to use; however i was keen to know if you knew of any folks who used it in practice? I’m concerned about using the curcumin with bioperine; along with curcumin as it may also accentuate the effects of chemotherapy?

    thanks so much and i look forward to hearing from you. If you prefer writing in person; i’d grealy appreciate if you can provide me your email address?

    hugz and warm regards


  2. Hi margaret
    just a few words as I’m staying at my brother’s waiting for the morning nurse…
    In Geneva, mindfulness is used at the university hospital for depression and the like. I loaded the programm on the following site:
    http://www.ecsa.ucl.ac.be/mindfulness/Contents.htm but it is in french. If you are interested I also have the CD’s in english. It is a field that has interested me for years, actually since I developped an interest in buddhism _ years ago, as this mindfulness approach really is based on buddhist meditation. An excellent book to start with is “Wherevere you go, there you are” Jon Kabat-Zinn; short and concise with everything in it…
    gotta go…have a good day

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