Getting ready to celebrate an anniversary…

Just can’t seem to be serious today. Well, after all, it’s the WEEKEND! 😀 And I am sooo excited about tomorrow…

Tomorrow morning Stefano and I are getting up at the crack of dawn in order to be at the “Gabbianello” WWF oasis by 7:30. That is how we both want to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary–two amateur bird watchers going birdwatching (last week we caught a glimpse of a Squacco heron…hope to get a photo of it tomorrow…)! If we can tear ourselves away in time, we are going out for lunch in a lovely romantic place (conveniently located near the oasis, inside a restored 17th century barn surrounded by a park..Living in Italy does have many perks! 😉 ) that serves glorious, traditional Tuscan fare. Big day, tomorrow!

Anyway, since today is laugh-a-lot day, here are the links to a couple of the videos that have made me chuckle/smile/laugh out loud in the past couple of days:

Have a laughing weekend, everyone! 🙂


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