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I got home from work with a slightly bothersome headache yesterday, so I wasn’t able to put the finishing touches on part II of my April 21 post. And today has turned out to be a busy day…so again part II remains unfinished…

I did, however, come across a few items that I hope you will find as interesting as I did…So, quickly, here we go:

1. The first concerns a new curcumin trial involving advanced bowel cancer patients, which will be held at Leicester Royal Infirmary in the UK in the fall. : I must remember to monitor this trial…

2. The second is a newspaper article on curcumin: I have a couple of comments to add (please have a look at the article first):

  • Curcumin has not had any blood-thinning effects on me, as far as I can tell. My platelets have remained about the same as they were in the pre-curcumin period…Except my most recent test results show quite an increase: they are now 371…(!).
  • I have not lost (or gained) any weight since January 2006, when I began taking curcumin. So much for that point!
  • I inherited high cholesterol from my Dad’s side of the family, unfortunately. However, since beginning curcumin, my very high total cholesterol levels (more than 300!) have gone down more than 60 mg, which is excellent. This decrease, incidentally, has not affected my “good” cholesterol levels, which fluctuate between 80 and 100 mg/dL. Another important point: curcumin has really slashed my triglycerides, from pre-curcumin levels that were 90-99 to current levels = 56-66 mg/dL. Fabulous! That, by the way, has reduced my “risk” factor A LOT… 
  • Infections. As I have written here before, I had painful yeast infections for about a year or so before I began taking curcumin…Those are now a thing of the past. Relief!

3. Last but definitely NOT least, thanks to a blog reader I read a fascinating article on Tai Chi: Please take note of this sentence: Other studies found Tai Chi helps build bone density, lower blood pressure and even boost the immune system, physical benefits normally attributed exclusively to more vigorous workouts. Increases bone density and boosts the immune system??? I didn’t know or remember that. Hmmm, I am begining to see more and more qigong in my future…For more info on tai chi and qigong, see, e.g.: Okay, must go now…CIAO! 🙂

P.S. I just read this Science Daily article about the healthful effects of walking in a park and living in a “green” neighborhood: This sentence was particularly interesting: Greener environments enhance recovery from surgery, enable and support higher levels of physical activity, improve immune system functioning, help diabetics achieve healthier blood glucose levels, and improve functional health status and independent living skills among older adults. More stuff we can do to help our immune system… 🙂

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