Happy fooling!!!

What a scare I got early this morning! Happy fooling, indeed…except this time, I was fooled!  😉 

Here is what happened: after stumbling downstairs in a half-asleep fog, feeding the cats and drinking a cappuccino (yes, in that order…anyone who has cats will know what I mean…purrfectly…hehe), I did what I always do: I logged onto my blog. And whoa…talk about an eye-opener! Three blooming ads, one about snoring remedies (helloooo???!), were staring at me from my April Fools’ post. Agh! I immediately tried deleting the ads, but nothing worked (at this point, I should mention that I am the least technical person on the planet…I mean, even a toad in Costa Rica could do more with a computer than I can). Desperate to get rid of the #@*&%?! ads, I simply deleted the post. But no, oh noooo…the ads simply floated down to my my pamidronate post! Double-aaaaagh!

After writing to the Healthblogs manager (because of the time difference between Europe and the U.S., though, she is asleep right now), well, I don’t remember how I did it, but I went into the inner workings of my blog and somehow, yes, I fixed the problem. By myself. Amazing! If you knew me, you’d be amazed, too. 😉

Here is my “deleted” and now retrieved April Fools’ post, by the way:

I have just enough time this evening to post a link to two of the BBC’s best April Fool’s Day hoaxes ever: http://goo.gl/Wk6DX (This might be my briefest post ever, too! 🙂 ) Enjoy!!!

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