Clinical trial tests omega 3 supplementation for the prevention of disease progression in MGUS, SMM and early-stage CLL…

For the past couple of days, whenever possible, I have been working on what I consider to be an important post, but today I simply couldn’t deal with it (one of the studies is driving me bonkie bonka bonkers), so I decided to take some time off and have a quick look at the Clinical Trials website…and wowwowwow!, I made some interesting discoveries, one of which I will share with you immmmmmediately…

This link will take you to a clinical trial testing the theory that omega 3 supplementation might prevent MGUS and SMM folks from progressing to active myeloma…How about THAT? But wait a sec…how did I NOT know about this trial?!!! Hmmm. Well, better late than never…right?

Let’s see, I already take two grams of fish oil/day…and if it weren’t so late in the day, and if I didn’t have to hurry so that I can catch the 8 PM news about Libya and Japan, I would (try to) calculate my EPA/DHA ratio compared to the trial’s ratio…Oh well…tomorrow…

This, by the way, is a Phase II trial, which is performed on a larger group of people once the safety of the substance/drug being tested has been ascertained in a Phase I trial…And it is still recruiting…

Now, I don’t suppose any of you would happen to be in this trial and wouldn’t mind posting a quick report or whatnot, eh? 🙂


  1. Hi Margaret,

    I like the idea that they are at least using a mix that is available to the general public as opposed to some obscure product that was developed strictly for their testing.
    Although it is available to the public, it doesn’t look too expensive compared to prescription omega 3/fish oil.
    Looks like $41.00 a bottle. Each bottle contains 200 caps, so if you have to take 9 caps per day , a bottle will last about 22 days or just shy of a bottle and a half per month or roughly $59 per month for a potential treatment. In the world of prescription medicine, that seems really cheap!


  2. By comparison, the prescription omega 3 fish oil product Lovaza varies in price, depending on where you purchase it, from $200 to $300 for 200 caps. It has an EPA / DHA profile of 465/375


  3. our source of Omega 3 is from Nutraceutical Sciences Institute, MEGA EFA, 25 dollars for 240 softgels each with 800 mg EPA + 400 mg DHA. G. takes 2 a day and we’ve checked that it was molecularly distilled fish oil. As for our sons who are both vegetarians, they buy Opti3 and they get 180 capsules for 45 euros but i don’t know the amount of DHA/EFA.

  4. Amazon has Res-Q® 1250 at $41/bottle (200 capsules). I already ordered mine. BTW I am diagnosed with MGUS (IGG kappa) last January (2010) with M-spike=2.0 g/dl. It has been stable so far…

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