Ancient herbs and spices to rejuvenate and heal…

I still have a bit of a cough, but the main problem right now is that I get tired easily (exhausted, more like it). I do a simple household task, such as the washing up, then have to lie down for a couple of hours. Well, okay, I exaggerate…but not much!

But this feeling of extreme weakness is not just physical. It has affected my brain, too. Yesterday I tried to do some research, but I couldn’t even get through one little abstract…uffa. As a result, I have been reading only easy stuff, such as this lovely three-part article on herbs and spices: (Part 2:; Part 3:

The big question for me today is: should I go back to work tomorrow or wait a few more days? Hmmm…Well, for now I am going back to bed to watch the second episode of the British TV period drama series “Downton Abbey,” which is really good…so far, anyway…


  1. Stay in bed. If your body is tired, it needs to rest and keep fighting the disease. Don’t use up your strength going out where you can catch something else in your weakened condition! Please!

  2. Yes, take your rest ….

    Right now I do not feel good, too tired etc.
    but, just back from the doctor … My blood values are good, even better than before …. 🙂


  3. no hesitating: you ARE to stay in bed…because you you find out such pretty things , like this Google art. com. Soooo Nice…I want/ need more stuff like that , pleaaaaase…

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