Google Art Project…

Nursing takes its toll…

Yesterday my fever hovered (again) around 38° Celsius. Exhausted, I spent most of the day in bed, alternatively watching TV and napping. Okay, mostly napping…with my devoted nurse brigade, part of which can be seen here…

But this morning my fever is down to 37.7°, which is a relief, to be honest.

I still have a cough, but it is only sporadic now. The new antibiotics are clearly working, since I no longer feel a sense of oppression in my chest and can breathe normally. More relief!

Now, what follows has nothing to do with health or myeloma, but I think it’s a really GREAT project. I heard about it on the Italian news yesterday and tried it this morning. I am talking about the “Google Art Project,” which enables you to visit a total of 385 rooms in 17 famous galleries around the world AND view more than 1,000 works by 486 artists. How about that? One of the galleries is Florence’s own Uffizi Gallery, which is verrry exciting…

I just finished looking at part of the Hermitage, which I actually visited more than 25 years ago. I also entered the Van Gogh Museum, where I have never been, AND “went back” to Versailles. Fantastico! It takes a bit of practice, or it did for me, at least. At one point I was inside Versailles and wanted to move into another room but found myself instead outside in the garden. How did that happen? 🙂  

Anyway, do have a look at this absolutely fascinating project. Oh, another really interesting feature is that you are able to zoom in on the details of select paintings…I mean, really ZOOM in. This feature allows you to view microscopic details that you wouldn’t see if you were standing (physically) right in front of the painting…such as brushstrokes, hairline cracks etc. Yes, very interesting…Check it out!


  1. Hi Margaret,

    I have written to you previously about curcumin and myeloma, and always appreciated your helpful insights. Question: Do you know of any instances where curcumin combined with moderate alcohol intake (2 glasses of wine/day) has caused liver problems? I appreciate your help.



  2. yes – quite exciting – I visited online the gallery where I saw the Birth of Venus when I was there in 2007 – again hoping to Torni a Surriento and Firenze
    Hope you are feeling better –

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