A spicy interview with Prof. Bharat Aggarwal…

Spent yesterday evening playing cards with my girlfriends…lots of fun, but…barely had five hours’ sleep…went to work as usual today…am exhausted now…zzzz…

But I just finished reading a “Globe and Mail” interview with Prof. Aggarwal on the healthful effects of spices: http://goo.gl/fhWO9 Had to share. Fascinating, as usual. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for this very helpful informative information! We are using tagamet for anti-cancer purposes (i.e., the numerous articles on this topic in the Lancet and Life Extension). I was wondering whether or not combining Tagamet (800 mg) with curcumin would be effective or counterproductive. Would you or Prof. Aggarwal be able to answer that question?

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