The importance of pomegranate juice…

When pomegranates are in season (right now, actually), Stefano and I add their ruby red (and tart!) seeds to our organic green salads…or I simply eat them by the spoonful. I have known for some time now that pomegranates are very very very good for us but, even so, I was a bit surprised when I read what this Science Daily article had to say on the subject: 

An excerpt: (pomegranate juice) is a good source of antioxidants and lowers both cholesterol and blood pressure, especially in diabetic and hypertensive patients. A preliminary study now suggests that it can ward off a number of complications in kidney disease patients on dialysis, including the high morbidity rate due to infections and cardiovascular events, according to a paper being presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s 43rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Exposition in Denver, CO.

Anyway, have a look at the article…especially if you have any kidney-related problems…

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  1. Some years ago pomegranate juice was touted as being good for prostate cancer. Tests showed it slowed the progression of the disease significantly (lots of sites: do a search on pomegranate/prostate cancer). I drink a glass of it every day.

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