Tinyurl hell…

This morning I read and wrote a draft, which I still need to finish editing, about an interesting, recent study on MGUS and SMM progression to MM. Well, I used the “tinyurl” function to shorten my links’ terribly long URLs…as I have always done. At one point, though, to my horror, I realized that the tinyurls weren’t working. Not working? Holy cats! I immediately checked some older tinyurls, and they didn’t work, either. 😯 AAAGGGHHH! Well, of course, it would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to check every single tinyurl that I have used in my 860 plus posts…ah no, no way I’m going to do that. Indeed, no way I can do that! 

This is what I have done: I have changed a few of the most recent ones and will continue to do so from time to time (“time” being the key word, here!). One thing is for sure: I will never use this function again. Ever.

Last but not least: if you wish to check out a link that I have published here but are unable to do so for the above-mentioned reason, please let me know, and I will do my best to retrieve the reference/link for you. I hope, fingers crossed, that it is just a temporary “tinyurl” glitch, but I won’t be taking any chances from now on…Okay, enough said, I have to eat lunch now, then finish editing my post…

P.S. Ah, mystery solved: the tinyurl website is down. Well, I am still not reassured or pleased that this occurred and will probably use full links from now on…whenever possible.

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  1. Hi Margaret.

    Sorry to hear you had such a frustrating time with tinyurl. I used it for years, but as soon as I saw that GOOGLE came out with goo.gl, you may have noticed that in my posts I use it instead.

    I prefer goo.gl because of the wonderful statistics it provides. It tells me the long url, short url, when it was created, traffic (i.e. how many clicks – and trust me you will be surprised about THAT result). I also like that the stats show me the referrers.

    You may want to consider using this instead? Do you already have a google account? If you do, just sign in (if you aren’t signed in, you don’t get stats) and start using.


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