Well, knock me down with a cat’s whisker!!! Do you remember the Toyota race car design competition? Well, guess what???? The International Myeloma Foundation’s design, “Myeloma Survivor,” is a FINALIST!!!

And all this happened thanks to our votes!!! Yaaay!!!

But this means that we have more work to do. A lot more work. We need to keep voting every day for the next eight days. So please go ahead and vote on as many computers as you have access to; ask your friends, neighbors and family members to vote; book an appeal on your Facebook page; twit the news on Twitter and tell all your social network friends to get clicking,…whatever it takes! I mean, we now have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help raise myeloma awareness! Here is the link:

Besides, there are ten other designs in the competition. Are we going to allow “Myeloma Survivor” to be beaten by “Home Depot Hippie” or “Nick&Friends” or…”Jazzy”??? Noooooo!!!

Click away, everyone! WE CAN DO IT!!! 🙂


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