Racing for myeloma awareness…

Fantastic news!!!! The International Myeloma Foundation race car design, the one entered in the Toyota Sponsafy Your Ride contest, made it to the semi-finals, yaaaaay!!!, which means that the IMF needs our help…again. For the next nine days, please vote every 24 hours on every computer you own and tell everyone you know to vote…colleagues at work and so on. 

Oh, I have a quick warning. I have had an occasional bit of trouble with this link…very odd, but there you go.  So please double-check that the car that pops up on your screen is the Beating Cancer car known as “Myeloma Survivor” (that should be written on the left-hand side of the screen).

If, as has happened to me, a different car pops up on your screen, please spend an extra few seconds looking for the correct car. Just click on “Gallery,” then type “myeloma survivor” in the “Search” box. Then click right on the car, and you should be taken to the correct voting page…Easy peasy!

Here is the link that SHOULD work:

Okay, everyone, let’s put on our clicking hats and click away for the next nine days…clickclickclick!

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  1. Yesterday our car was on page two of the semifinalist lists and today it is #8 on page one. Exciting! Everyone vote, vote, vote. Every day!!! And spread the word to all your friends and relatives.

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