Gadolinium: not to be used for kidney patients…

My thanks go to Beth for posting the link to a recent article (see on the potentially fatal effects of gadolinium, a drug used as a contrast agent in MRIs. This part of the article is nothing new, actually. Back in December, I posted about a study presented at the 2009 ASH meeting, a study proving that gadolinium helps myeloma cells grow like mad (see The study also showed that this crappy substance can be fatal to patients with moderate (!) or severe kidney disease.

This is not a minor consideration for us myeloma patients. On the contrary. One of our biggest problems is that myeloma can weaken our kidney function. I mean, we hardly need drugs to help our myeloma cells finish off the job, don’t you think? Holy cats!

So, since we already knew that gadolinium was bad news, what is the new information contained in this article? Well, the FDA has finally caught on…It is going to add its strongest warning label to imaging agents that contain the chemical gadolinium, indicating they should not be used in patients with kidney problems. Hah and double hah. About time, I’d say! I mean, who knows how much damage this potentially (only potentially? Hmmm…) toxic stuff has caused since 1988…bloody hell…


  1. Not realizing the problems with it stimulating MGUS/myeloma, I’ve had gadolinium x-rays once or twice. Thanks for bringing this to light. Gadolinium has also been known to be followed by morphea. Morphea is a non-systemic form of scleroderma. I already have systemic scleroderma, on top of MGUS, so you can be sure I’ll be avoiding gad from now on! Thanks again!

  2. I had just went to do a Kidney MRI and the radiologist upon learning I had MGUS refused to do the exam and sent me on to talk ot Urologist. I had read something about this dye earlier and was a little concerned, but thanks to a young doctor I do not have to worry about this also.

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