A haha Garfield cartoon…

This morning I received a very cute cartoon from a blogging friend (thanks!) who told me that she had thought of me as soon as she had clapped eyes on it. 🙂 It reminded her of the recent post I wrote on the refined fructose and pancreatic cancer cell study…

Incidentally, that study has given me a new pet peeve: high fructose corn syrup…and, really, any type of refined fructose. I was horrified, e.g., when I recently noticed that different brands of agave nectar are for sale in the health food store where I do a lot of my shopping here in Florence…uffaaa!!!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the comic strip, too. Here is the link: http://www.gocomics.com/garfield/?ref=ga_gce_b5 Oh, by the way, I assume that the strip gets changed every day…The one that my friend sent to me has today’s date, so please look for that one…Ciao!

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  1. Finally over here some of the ‘organic’ stores are starting to stock more Stevia products and products with Stevia in them instead of Aspertame… my pet peeve. Last year I was flag waving against flouride… this year it’s Aspertame.

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