A new study shows that EZH2 is bad both inside and outside a cancer cell…

Yesterday, as I was going through my Science Daily newsletters, I found an article on the effect that EZH2 has on ovarian cancer cells (do you remember the Polyhooligans? Yep, EZH2 is one of those pesky Polycomb repressor genes that I began calling “Polyhooligans.” To brush up on your PcGs, look over on the right and scroll down to my Page titled “Myeloma and Polycomb repressor genes”).

Well, it turns out that EZH2 is more of a hooligan than we thought: it helps the tumor-feeding process called angiogenesis. That means that it has an effect not only INSIDE but also OUTSIDE a cancer cell. The SD article can be read here: http://tinyurl.com/397klyp

Yes, EZH2 is a very VERY bad boy. If you let him inside your house, he will rip up the curtains in your living room and bedroom, gobble down your dinner (unless it’s curry-based…), smear your walls with dirt, throw smelly wet garbage all over the place, even inside the fridge…Well, okay, that is what we knew about EZH2 up to now.

But this new study tells us that EZH2 will not stop at trashing the inside of your house. No. He will trash the outside, too…by pushing the lawn mower all over your lovely flowers and healthful vegetables and spraying toxic pesticides in every direction.  😉 Okay, so I got a wee bit carried away, there. Point is: EZH2 is bad news! Advanced cancer patients with high levels of EZH2 fare worse than those with lower levels of this evil protein.

I have decided not to go overboard on this one. Translation: I won’t read the full study and bore you with another long post reinforcing how evil this protein is. There is no need for me to do that: the SD article is clear enough. In a nutshell, if you block EZH2, you can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells (in this case, ovarian cancer cells). In layman’s terms: if you tie up and gag EZH2, he won’t be able to trash inside or even outside your house anymore…

Those of us taking curcumin, fish oil and/or EGCG needn’t worry that much about having our, uhm…our house trashed. Those three substances, in fact, block EZH2 (see my late July/early August posts for more detailed information).

And that is a bit of welcome news for a lazy Sunday morning, I’d say!

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  1. I’ve been taking fish oil and curcumin for almost two years now. Not as much as you, I don’t think, but it’s something. I’m glad to see yet another reason for hanging in there.

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