The implications of a missing Puma…

Today (= a stormy day in Florence) Stefano and I continued to do quite a bit of house cleaning/organizing (oh, and I also made an enorrrmous apple pie…yum yum!). But I digress… 🙂

This morning, during a much-needed break, I began looking through a bunch of recent Science Daily articles and was struck by this one, which is about a gene…not about a lost mountain kitty (see photo…awwww!):

Well, I still cannot wrap my brain around this new finding, but I did want to publish this link for those of you who might be interested in reading about a low-dose radiation experiment that has implications for the understanding of how cancers develop.

I will read it again more thoroughly (and perhaps make a few comments…or not…) tomorrow morning, when my brain will presumably have recovered from the delicious aroma of apple pie that is filling our house right at the moment… 😉

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  1. Hi Margaret

    Happy house cleaning, I’m just lookingat mine, trying to find inspiration to start.

    I just had a look at you Puma link, very interesting, as well as a bit worrying. However, did you notice the piece in the colomn next to the article, on sugars role in tumors. Take a look at the link. Puma is assoiated with how tumors use sugar to survive!!


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