Bee venom and myeloma: a case study

This morning, while taking a break to read a recent Science Daily article on bee venom tested as a “smart bomb” to target cancer cells (, I was reminded of a post I wrote, three years ago!!!, about an Iranian multiple myeloma patient who was treated, successfully it seemed (seems?), with bee stings. Here is the link to that post:

Well, at the time I didn’t have access to the full study. After checking online this morning, though, I found it…yes, the whole kit and caboodle: It is a short, easy and intriguing text, so I highly recommend that you go have a look at it.

Now, I am not suggesting that we should all go out and get stung by bees (ouchhh!), but we cannot deny that this is a thought-provoking case of a myeloma patient whose symptoms got considerably worse with chemotherapy, to the point where he was bedridden, but improved under the controlled administration of bee venom…


  1. Very interesting post Margaret! I hate bugs and bites as much as anyone, but I think I’d rather have this bee therapy than chemo! Actually, I don’t want either one, but I’ll take the lesser of the two evils! Very interesting indeed!

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