Wouldn’t you know it…!!!

I have almost finished reading the study mentioned in yesterday’s post…well, I have almost finished the Discussion part, anyway! The rest of the study, to be honest, is so complicated that I doubt I will be able to post about it/understand it/etc. I have, however, extracted (and translated into plain English!) some interesting titbits that I will put on the blog as soon as possible.

Speaking of interesting…this morning I made my own “discovery.” It turns out that a few of the non-toxic substances that we (or some of us, at any rate!) take on a daily basis appear to have the ability to inhibit those bloody Polycomb repressors. Within minutes of my request, a kind friend sent me the full studies that I had found on this topic…sooo, stay tuned. I really hope to have some good news soon…!

Just a little hint: according to the only study I have glanced at so far, curcumin decreases the levels of MEL18, one of those pesky Polycomb repressors…How about THAT?

I feel a bit like this puffin with a beakful of sand eels (Skomer Island, July 2010) today…

And I certainly couldn’t think of a better birthday present… 🙂

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