It’s about like this…

Busy days…but mostly, it’s been hot here (see:, and we are trying to dodge the heat in various ways. Midday naps under a ceiling fan really help… 🙂

How hot, you might ask? Well, just take a look at this cartoon (sent to me by a blog reader, thanks!). When I return home from work or from doing a bit of basic grocery/cat food shopping, I look a lot like the “ta gueule” guy in this cartoon. Oh, that reminds me…Here is the translation of this “corny” exchange (again, provided by my blog reader, more thanks!). The ear of corn on the left asks “Is it hot outside?” The other one answers: “Shut up!” 😆

 The heat wave is supposed to subside a bit in northern and central Italy by Sunday afternoon. Meno male (=thank goodness), as we say in Italian…In the meantime, I am taking it easy (whenever possible), drinking a lot and not doing any research…pant pant pant…!

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