Back from the UK…

Just a super quick post today. Stefano and I got back to Florence early Monday morning from our fabbbulous UK holiday. This morning I began looking through my photos and had the bright (…) idea of changing my blog banner. Well, something went very wrong–I couldn’t publish the new photo OR return to the old one. Argh!

Oh, but it gets, er, better: I can no longer see any of my published photos (nor can you, I imagine!). The images have all vanished from my “Media Library”…in their place is an ugly “X.” That means that I will not be able to publish any photos from our trip to the UK until the wonderful Healthblogs technicians manage to fix the problem. I really hope it won’t take very long…I must say, it’s very odd not to have a blog banner photo…and where have all my photos gone? Any ideas? 😉

P.S. THAT was fast! I had barely published this post when I noticed that my photos were back! Yay! Thank you, BM!!!


  1. Wow! Your web site has a new spiffy look! Your ISP person is evidently playing around. That’s probably where your photos went. Hopefully they will be found again!

  2. Found it- new format Ok as long as we don’t loose the old stuff- great stuff- If no comments already there is nothing on my screen to push to leave a comment. Maybe just what I’m getting.. Anybody else not find comment area?

  3. Great blog!

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