Maddening ball…

This post has nothing to do with the Soccer World Cup, which is being held right now in South Africa (this is the only time I watch soccer, in fact…). No, it’s about another type of…ball game. Thanks to a blog reader, yesterday I spent about ten minutes playing this “game” and, frankly, going a bit nuts, argh! 😉 If you would like to know what this is all about, click on: Anyway, I finally gave up. The ball had clearly outwitted me.

As soon as Stefano got home from work today, I asked him to give it a try. I figured he wouldn’t be able to change the ball’s colour, either (hah, silly me…I should have known better…). Within a minute or so, poof!, his blue ball had turned yellow. You could have knocked me over with a cat’s whisker. Laughing at my disbelief, he changed the ball’s colour again, showing me that there is actually a “trick.” I tried it and, after about a minute, my ball was yellow, too…yaaay!

If you are brave enough to try this game, please remember the following: don’t go bonkers if you can’t do it but contact me, and I will try to explain what Stefano’s trick is…Ah, and I would also love to hear from those who are successful (how long did it take you, were you able to change the colour more than once, etc.)…thanks! Just curious! 

Now that I am no longer worried about my kitties, this weekend I plan to read a recently-published study about yet another myeloma-killing supplement…so stay tuned!


  1. It takes some practice. I got quite a few color changes, finally stopping when I hit dark brown. Fun!

  2. I think the trick is to first make sure the ball is hanging straight down without swinging, and then to yank straight up. I got many color changes, reaching dark brown before I stopped

  3. Took me less than a minute….Put it in the corner and snuck up on it from the side!


  4. klick the right mouse button. Than you have all the time you want to klick the ball to change the colour!!!
    20 sec.

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