Waiting for test results…uffa! Oh, and a new screen cleaner…

My blood test results would have been ready on Tuesday, yes, the 18th of May, sigh!, if only I had chosen the “pick-up” option. In Italy, you see, cancer patients (or patients with any chronic, serious medical condition) can have their test results mailed to their home for free, which is lovely, of course…but it means that they might have to wait an extra day or two or three or…four or…MORE, as in this case, urgh. 

It all depends on the Italian postal service, which has improved immensely since I was a kid but clearly still isn’t perfect. The delay wouldn’t normally bother me…getting my results mailed to me is sooo much easier and certainly less “risky” than picking them up at the hospital lab, where I might have to wait in line behind/near someone with flu symptoms (yes, the flu is going around Florence again!).

This time, though, I am feeling a bit antsy. It’s probably mostly due to the fact that these are my first tests since mid December…oh well…just a few more days…I will have my results early next week, I am sure.

Luckily, I have a VERY busy social life, plus my cats keep me vastly entertained (see photo of Pinga trying to make friends with a virtual bulldog…this friendship attempt will seem even cuter after you click on the below link…), so I don’t have much time to dwell on test results.

Besides, many of my blog readers and friends (and my sister, too) keep sending me the most hilarious stuff (thank you all!), which also helps A LOT! Just the other day, a friend sent me the link to a fabulous screen cleaner that cleans your computer screen from the INSIDE…no, I am not kidding…this is a bit of amazing new technology…and no, it is NOT a virus, I assure you…Just click here: http://tinyurl.com/2pzegg


  1. Margaret, will they not send it to you electronically or do you not want to do that for security reasons?

  2. Last time I went to the Badia and asked for the mail results I had to wait 6 working days in addition to the scheduled day. So I decided I’ll always pick them up myself. I went to Careggi this morning. My results will be ready just 4 days before the visit with my onc. So I’ll pick them up. No time for risk 🙂

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