Resveratrol trial in multiple myeloma suspended…

I read the news about the SRT501 (a special high-dose formulation of resveratrol; for general info on resveratrol, see: clinical trial suspension on the Myeloma Beacon a few days ago. Today we have a few more, rather scary, I must say!, details (see:

My first impression, as I have already written on three (!) Facebook pages (1. my personal Wall AND 2. my blog’s FB page AND 3. the new multiple myeloma support group’s FB Wall), is that this goes to show that too much of a (possibly) good thing may not be such a…good thing!

And this is precisely why I always stick to the recommended dose of any new supplement that I decide to try. Indeed, I usually start out by taking less than the recommended dose (as I did back in January 2006 with curcumin, after all). For example, right now I am testing Reishi (scientific name: Ganoderma lucidum), which seizes myeloma cells by the neck and squeezes the life out of ’em…sorry, got a bit carried away there…Anyway, I have been taking one Reishi extract capsule, not two (two capsules=recommended daily serving), just to be on the safe side. So far, so good. Next week I will go up to the (recommended) two-capsule dose…then, blood tests in June.

And, I would like to add, the “too much of a good thing might not be so good” theory is also why I will never ever take more than eight grams of curcumin…

I would also like to note that my friend Sherlock and I tested resveratrol a couple of years ago (see my July 2008 results)…and even though we remained stable, our MM markers went up a wee bit, so I was very disappointed and will almost certainly NOT test this substance again. Oh, another thing: my cholesterol went UP with resveratrol, not down as expected. Weird.

Hmmm, a question just popped into my mind: are any of you having good results from resveratrol? If so, please leave a comment on this post…thank you!

Oh, just a quick P.S. Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Yes, Stefano and I got married on May 8th, 1999 (=the year I was diagnosed with MGUS, in fact), and we are still happily married. We are about to go into town to have lunch and enjoy this sunny day (finally, some sun! It has been raining almost non-stop in Firenze for the past several days!)…so I have to go get ready….Ciao, everyone, have a great weekend!!!

Buon anniversario, Ste, TVTTTB! 😀


  1. I take trans resveratrol for heart health and not for myeloma. The 100 mg that I take per day is 1/50 the dose of the study.

  2. ciao Margaret,
    happy anniversary! 1999 a very good year also for me.
    I am taking Resveratrol for almost one year, about 500 mg per day, this is the prescription related to my complementary therapy, includes also Vit. D, Curcumin about 7 g per day, alpha-lipoic acid, ashwhaganda (?), so far no side effects and my general health has improved.
    Unclear whether it is effective against MM, difficult to judge up to now. After a double auto transplant I am in sCR, hopefully for a long time,

  3. My brother, Kevin Walsh, has been taking Solaray “resveratrol” since
    June of 2009 along with curcumin (with bioprene), vitamin D, fish oil,
    pomagranate pills, a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and all of his tests are coming back stable . He was originally diagnosed with high tumor Multiple Myeloma . His bone scans are also coming back good
    and he saw his oncologist on Friday, May 7, 2010. He also takes
    Saw Palmetto. Interesting though, he does drink beer daily, and I recall there were studies from Israel which combined alcohol and curcumin in tests with multiple myeloma and the combination received very good results in those tests. So, I tell him, if he is going to not stop drinking, please take the curcumin while having a beer to increase the effectiveness pursuant to the Israeli experiments.

  4. I appreciate the time you spend researching and deciphering scientific jargon to translate it into more readily understandable writings. The thing that struck me about this ‘scientific’ clinical trial of resveratrol was that they used a mega-dose of resveratrol [5 gm/day]. I think sometimes they set up these trials of natural substances in a way that is designed to fail so that they can scare people away from using them.

  5. Sergio: fingers crossed!
    Kevin: beer must be an acquired taste…I cannot stand it, except for a sip of Guinness when we are in the UK…but if it works for your brother, do let me know! 🙂
    Dawna: that thought crossed my mind more than once, too…the amount tested in this clinical trial was just so incredibly huge…very odd indeed…

  6. been diagnosed with WM 3 month ago I get my convention medical treatment ( Leuckran + Prednisone),and use alternative options in parallel .
    I read about the effective treatmemnt of WM by resveratrol (in a controlled trail done at Bing Center,no dose mentioned).

    another trail done with mice used 20mg/1 kilo body weight/day
    no adverse side effects in this trail.

    resveratrol was found to support and enhence the effect of any chemo it was used with.
    resveratrol is not reccomended to be used with steroids ,no reason was given I guess that resemblence in some of the effects of Res and steroides creates unwanted ambiguity in the treatment.

    about 10 days ago I started with a 200 mg x2 times a day regime
    and within two days I felt immens improvement with postural balance
    problem that bothered me during a whole year
    today Iwas told that finely my improving globulin profile made me a candidate for Mabtera treatment.
    WM findings and treatments may be relevant to treating MM
    (some WM cases “continue” to MM whatever this means)

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