Indian spice may thwart liver damage…

This (my post title) is the title of a HealthDay article that I read this morning. Of course, the Indian spice is…uhm, gee, let me guess…what else COULD it be??? 😉

Anyway, the text is straightforward enough, so I will simply post the link:

The article isn’t just about curcumin, by the way…the last part deals with the connection between cirrhosis (chronic liver disease) and the chemicals contained in hair dye and nail polish…boy am I glad I don’t use any of that stuff! Oh, and there is a link between smoking and cirrhosis…again, I am glad I have never smoked! So, especially if you are a smoker who uses hair dye and nail polish, please take a close look at this article…or if you have an autoimmune disease…

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have been leaving comments on my April 8th post (the viral infection-myeloma one) and sending me private notes. I am very VERY busy these days, but this viral connection is very VERY interesting to me, and I am definitely going to follow up on it. Soon.

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  1. Hi Margaret
    My own labs do support that curcumin plus milk thistle supplements have reversed my own high liver enzymes to the current low normal range. I also no longer have colon polyps and at last colonoscopy was told not to come back for ten years. Its nice to know when a supplement will assist the liver instead of stressing it.

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