Back from Rome…

Well, what a splendid trip this turned out to be, even though we walked and walked and…walked until I thought my leg muscles were going to burst. Yes, it was very tiring, I admit…the distances in Rome are simply enormous.

But ohhh, everything was so amazingly gorgeous…from the Sistine Chapel to the Caravaggio exhibition, which went beyond our expectations…we were also lucky with the weather…until Easter Sunday, which turned into a very rainy day…but we put on our rain gear and trundled off to visit a museum (Castel Sant’Angelo). Easy peasy!

Anyway, while I am recovering from all the excitement AND settling back into my daily routine, here is a photo I took of a sign outside a marble shop near Lungotevere Marzio…I was and still am most amused! 😀

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  1. Hi Margaret !
    Have you read about Anamu ( Petiveria alliacea), a cuban her that is going to be used on oncology?
    And Papaya leaf ?

    Good easter

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