Planning our Easter holiday

I apologize for not having posted anything here in the past few days. I’ve been quite busy with work (students, translations, more students, more…) AND, most importantly!, planning our upcoming Easter trip to Rome. Yes, ROME! We decided that we needed a break (…), so…acting on an impulse last night, we got online and made a reservation at a really nice (we hope!) B&B that is a mere five-minute walk from the Vatican Museums. Perfect.

Stefano and I immediately made reservations (online, so as to skip the long queues, yaaay!) to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, which we haven’t seen yet…shocking, eh? I mean, we live so close to Rome…well, better late than never. Of course, we have both been to Rome before…in fact, a few years ago we walked around the center of Rome nonstop for hours and hours and hours (by the late afternoon, my aching legs went on strike, so we got on one of those nifty “hop on, hop off” tourist buses that take you around to all the major attractions). We saw a lot, but obviously not everything…

Another thing I would really like to visit is the Caravaggio 400th anniversary exhibition, see: and Wow.

Anyway, back to us…I have a bunch of unfinished drafts sitting on my desktop but just don’t know when I will have the time to get to them. Plus, it’s the weekend, and we have some fun planned!

Okay, I had better get back to the garden now and help my indefatigable sweetie with our annual spring yard cleaning/pruning etc (oh, in case you were wondering, yard work is NOT part of the fun we have planned for the weekend…! Ah, if only we had a garden that would take care of itself…dream on…).

Have a great weekend, everyone! And don’t forget to laugh…ah wait a sec, speaking of which…here is something that a blog reader (thanks, D.!) sent to me…some Happy Easter wishes…but I warn you: click on this link ONLY if you have a wacky sense of humor: Hehe.


  1. You go girl. I am sure you must have seen the Sistene Chapel when you were little, no? Oh! Now I hear your mother would not go there!!!!!! Poor thing! I got to see Henry Fonda there as well…. He was in line in front of me. Have fun!

  2. Are you going to the same B&B I went to? Rembember the story I ended up seeing on TV related to that. I have not seen the Museum or the Sistine Chapel either. Good to have made reservations. If I ever get back to Italy I will do likewise.

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