Charlie bit me again…and a clever penguin…

A friend, thank you!, sent me the following video. I solemnly promise that this story has a happy ending, so don’t worry!, but it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat for a few minutes, and it will probably do the same for you, too, in spite of the above-mentioned promise…! See:

Another friend, grazie!, sent me the link to one of the most popular videos on YouTube…entirely different subject (two adorable little brothers…love their expressions!):

I was actually going to publish something of a more serious nature today, but my best friend just called to see if I wanted to play cards this afternoon. Uhm, er, let me see…sit at home in front of the computer OR go have fun for a couple of hours with my best buddies? Gee…that’s a toughie! (Not!) The serious stuff can wait till tomorrow…take care, everyone! Ciao! 🙂


  1. Hi Margaret

    Sorry I haven’t looked in recently, I have had some sudden by happy news that has knocked me sideways a bit and kept me busy. At christmas my oldest daughter told me she was expecting a baby, then in January my younger daughter (18) also discovered she was pregnant. A bit of a shock, but everyone is getting used to the idea now and the babies are due only two weeks apart so we shall be busy in August (I’ve already started knitting) I didn’t expect to become a granny before I was 50 but I firmly believe things happen for a reason and I will have time to enjoy this part of my life while I’m still healthy.

    Talking of health, I read some of your recent posts, I am thinking of you and your family, I see you are on the case, nice to see that the medical institution isn’t quite as rigid as it used to be. I have also found an interesting patent you may wish to look at that combines your favorite herb with a couple of others that may be worth looking at.

    I’m about to get bloods done, which will reflect two months on the cortisol contol I mentioned a while ago. I’ll let you know, the outcome in a couple of weeks.

    Thinking of you


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