Monday’s test…on a Thursday…

A blog reader/friend (thanks!) sent me the link to a “fun” test called “Monday’s Test”…she warned me that I should think carefully before answering…well, I thought I was paying attention, but my score turned out to be abysmally low…I was actually horrified! 🙂

As a result, I recommend that you be wide awake before taking this test…Okay, now that you have your coffee mug refilled, click here:

P.S. Pinga was spayed this morning. My vet just called to let me know that she is fine (relief!!!). I am picking her up this afternoon…can’t wait! 

P.P.S.S. Mental note: never take a test of any sort on the same day a beloved kitty is getting spayed…!


  1. Margaret, here’s another test: you use x grams of curcumin a ratio of 1:18. Now you can buy curcumin powder with a ratio of 1:10. How many grams more must you take now for the same effectiveness? 🙂

    I found a supplier of Turmeric powder. I want to try it (it’s also cheaper), but the ratio is 1:10. I think it might be as effective as i take some more. What do you think?

    (and ten points for dr. P!)


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