Thanks…and Pinga (after all)…

I would like to thank my friend Sherlock publicly for all the help and support she has given to me in this period. Over the weekend I asked her for about a million studies on the effect of different non-toxic substances on melanoma, and she found them all for me. Now I just have to read them…(!).

I would also like to thank the readers and friends who have left comments here on the blog and the many others who have written to me privately with heaps of suggestions and links to various studies. A couple of readers even sent me some full studies. All this has been very very helpful, but most of all, your concern and kindness has really warmed my heart…Myeloma (and other cancer) patients doing research on melanoma…

What can I say but…thank you thank you thank you!!!

Now for the cat naming issue. Even though we really liked most of your suggestions (which we will save for our future cats), Stefano and I have decided to stick with the name that I had originally found for our new kitten…so she has been officially named “Pinga,” which means “turmeric” in Sanskrit. I mean, doesn’t it look as though some turmeric has fallen on her and stained her fur here and there?

Pinga is such a funny little creature…day before yesterday, e.g., I found her sitting in front of the washing machine watching our sheets go round and round…and round! Now and again she would get up on her hind legs and try to attack the sheets…I ran upstairs for my camera and got a few lucky shots…sooo cute!


  1. Dear Margaret,
    I was so very sorry to hear about your father-in-law, but decided I would wait a bit to say something, so as to be past the deluge of emails that were certain to come in response to this. I hope you can find some things of low toxicity to give him more time.

    I like the choice of “Pinga.” When she’s very good, you can say it stands for turmeric, but when she’s very, very bad you can say it stands for “dickhead.” 🙂 Absolutely excellent for all occasions!

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