Myeloma, papayas and papain

A blog reader, thank you!, sent me a link to a Myeloma Beacon article (see: on papain, an enzyme contained in papaya fruit trees, which breaks down proteins. One such protein, called fibrin, makes up the protective layer of cancer cells. Papain degrades fibrin and damages this protective layer, making the cells more susceptible to immune response or chemotherapy. The compound also hinders tumor growth and prevents it from spreading to other parts of the body.

Please go read the rest of the story. Interesting…

My only experience with papaya was dreadful, to be honest…but makes for an amusing tale, so here goes. A few years ago, when I was experimenting a lot with veggie and fruit juices (using my fabulous Greenstar juicer), I bought a couple of organic papayas. Now, I had read online that it was best not to juice the seeds because of their extreme bitterness, but hah, Margaret knows best!, so I washed, cut up and shoved everything down the juicer shoot, figuring that the sweetness of an apple would lessen the bitter, er…impact. Well, it didn’t: my lips puckered, my face puckered, even my hair puckered…haven’t bought a papaya since…but after reading this article, I will!

This time, though, I will remove the gazillion and a half seeds contained in each fruit…

P.S. There is a list of the most recent blog reader comments at the bottom of my Page column (scroll down, look on the right). This is handy if, like me, you like to read comments even on older posts, which brings me to the point: if anybody has any experience with MRIs and gadolinium, please click on and answer Francesco’s comment (or see my December 13 2009 gadolinium post). Thank you!

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  1. about papaya……. If you do not know how to select one, get help….. Papaya have to be just so or they taste awful….. I like dried papaya with chile from Trader Joe’s but I doubt that is part of a cure.

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